Biographie - Peer Kaschen

Pierre Meyer, born 1979 in Lower Saxony, discovered in the summer of 1997 at a party the love of electronic music. Previously, ska, punk and reggae were more his style of music.
However, individual tracks from major artists such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order, etc. liked him before his first contact with the new scene already.
But the electronic music, and gave him the feeling that the music, the DJ and the other guests, awakened suddenly a very different part in Him.

"... He wanted the guests' sensitive impression has to bring his music and let you forget about everyday life, euphoria triggered by mixing music ... music that do not break, the music never seems to come to an end ..."

After he bought his equipment and vinyl, Pierre worked quickly up in his region as much booked Dj. Under the Name "fastMo" he was known throughout Germany by the end of 2010 and played alongside many Tribaltechno & Hardtechno sets in the best clubs and festivals in Germany like Tresor Berlin, Berlin Rotor Club, Residence Mentheroda, Treibhaus Glöwen, the Nature One Festival and many other venues.
In mid-2005 to 2008, Pierre's musical change not withstanding, and began to explore other musical directions. Ghettotech, Chicago House & Bootyhouse was launched much before he came to the minimal genre, where he then found his new purpose.

Pierre remains faithful to the vinyl, but he also wants to continue to evolve and this is what happens in the year 2012. Depending on the cheap and if it is a vinyl unit mix set or a digital mix set, controlled by time code vinyl type.
Actually, nothing much changes ... except that it requires only 2 timecode vinyl for his mix, and a few more cables ... but what will change is the unlimited availability of music through the digital medium ... you will certainly notice if the next time you're here, when he celebrated his Performance for and next to you!

In 2007, Pierre's first published hard techno track on vinyl under the name fastMo, it was very quiet about its production. In July 2010 he published his first Minimaltech Track with the label Drag Music/Argentina, fastMo also under the name. There then followed the next year in 2011 his first EP on the label Productos BMM /Spain in April and May 2011, and his next solo ep's on Solomoon Records/Berlin-Germany and Tannhäuser Records/Italy.
The only thing that changed in the time it was the name of end of 2010. "FastMo" was past, and a great memory and Pierre went on from there with his real name as a DJ & Producer.

Nevertheless, his DJ sets, despite the name change and genre, are always characterized by variety and power since many areas of minimal house mixed on minimal techno / techno to tech-house with him. His mixes and his way to work with the audience and make music to make his performances just interesting because for almost every musical on a friendship level and there is something.
till the end of 2014 Pierre has itself split into two projects. Firstly, as far as Pierre Meyer and if it may be a little harder or perhaps even faster than 122/124bpm then he can be heard as a Peer Kaschen and now not quite as unknown by solo releases in northern Germany.

Since 2015 all easy and clear.... only one Project as Dj & Producer...
Peer Kaschen.


May 2015 Peer Kaschen starts his own Label " SchachWatt Records " with the help of DBH Music and Alex Bau. On this Label, Peer Kaschen in first line presented and released his own produced music Tracks. But forthcoming Various Artists released on SchachWatt, too.

Peer Kaschen called his music "Kaschentechno", and if you hear it, you know why he called it Kaschentechno..


November 2015 Peer Kaschen joins LZTN.TO and he performed every Friday from 21.00 - 23.00pm

a Live Mix Session from Techno to Techhouse to Minimal and more.


Playing @

Nature One Festival / Koblenz-Huntsrück
Sinus Digital Festival / Schwerin
LautLeise Open Air / Berlin
Tresor Club / Berlin
Rotor Club / Berlin
Hof23 / Berlin
Treibhaus / Glöwen
Speicher / Flensburg
Bunker / Kiel
Halle400 / Kiel
Club Favela / Münster
Fusion Club / Münster
Residenz / Erfurt
Plan B / Passau
Subbkultur / Koblenz
ELZ / Bremen
Neue Welt Bremen
Werk2 / Oldenburg
Remix / Oldenburg
Terrace Hill / Hamburg
Dirty54 / Berlin
VEB Club/Berlin
and many other...

Playing with

Der Schmeisser(1x1Music),Tadox(FL),Thomas P. Heckmann(Trope rec., Mainz),Eva Cazal(Tresor Berlin), Doorkeeper(KidazzFM), StereoJack(KidazzFM), Plank(Warehouse,Köln), Patrick Lindsey(TerminalM/Krefeld), Roland Casper(Warehouse), Adriano Canzian(Gigolo,Mailand), Dj Emerson(KidazzFM), Dj CHI(Stammheim), W.J.Henze(Federation of Drums), Jan Liefhebber(NL), Michael Burkat(tst),Dennis Diers(Timewarp), Lars Klein(Bound), Marc Broom(UK), Dj Mahatma(Nerven), Thorsten Kanzler(Nerven), Chris Binder(Primal Confusion), Drumcomplex(Primal Confusion), Dj Amok(Hardbeatz), O.B.I(Hardbeatz), Viper XXL(KneeDeep) Asem Shama(Ghostline), Axel Bartsch(pearls), Da Hool(Germany), Andreas Kremer(Hardbeatz) , Marco Fricke(Kontor), Manou De Jean(zaubermilch Rec.), Butch(Trapez), Stefan Lange(Concorde Club Rec.), Nathalie De Borah(Germany), Tanith(Tresor) and many more...